Pearls Before Swine – If You Don’t Want To…

From the 1969 album These Things Too. Tom Rapp was the head of the group. His songwriting had a philosophical and magical touch. This song is beautifully painful.

“All at once I was alone
But only when you were there
How could the universal song
Be coming out so wrong
But then I knew it by your eyes
Love lasts forever ’till it dies.”

“Ten Thousand Words in a Cardboard Box” – Twink/Aquarian Age

Twink was a former member of Tomorrow and The Pretty Things. He recorded his solo album Think Pink in 1970. He re-recorded the song “Ten Thousand Words in a Cardboard Box”. The earlier version of the song was recorded with his band The Aquarian Age. Their songs are featured on the 1999 reissue of Tomorrow’s album “Tomorrow”. Aquarian Age’s version of the song is more orchestrated with brass and strings. On Twink’s “Think Pink” the recording is very different, more guitar-heavy with muffled vocals. Very psychedelic. Both versions are great.
“A thousand colorful shadows dancing round my head…”

Amboy Dukes – Journey to the Center of the Mind

The Amboy Dukes were a Detroit group with Ted Nugent on guitar. This song is incredible. It makes you feel good from the beginning to the end. Ted Nugent kills it on the guitar. This is definitely a song with a hell of a mind-blowing guitar solo.

Come along if you care. Come along if you dare
Take a ride to the land inside of your mind.
But please realize. You’ll probably be surprised. For it’s a land unknown to man where fantasy is fact. So if you can, please understand, you might not come back

Marc – Marc Bolan’s TV show (1977)

bolan-showIt is obvious that Marc and T.Rex were the center of the show. Nevertheless, it featured a bunch of interesting guest artists. Marc invited the Jam and the Radio Stars to perform on the first episode. Radio Stars’ singer Andy Ellison was in the band John’s Children with Marc. So, Marc clearly had a say in who would be invited to play on this show.
The show lasted only 6 episodes. You can find full episodes on YouTube. Cool is Hawkwind with “”Quark Strangeness and Charm” on Episode 3 (link) (min. 20:10).

I can’t say it often enough: So sad that Marc died so early, just before his 30th birthday. Unbelievable.

T.Rex – Ride a White Swan/ Rip off

This is T.Rex performing “Ride a White Swan” on Marc Bolan’s Show “Marc” in 1977. The show only lasted 6 episodes because Marc died in a car accident.

“Rip off” is from their 1971 album “Electric Warrior”. It also features the well-known “Get it on”. “Rip off” has such a punk rock vibe to it. The lyrics are fascinating.

trexIn the moonlight. Fighting with the night. It’s a rip-off.
Kissing all the slain.I’m bleeding in the rain. It’s a rip-off. Such a rip-off
Rocking in the nude. I’m feeling such a dude. It’s a rip-off.
Dancing in the dark. With the tramps in the park. It’s a rip-off. Such a rip-off
See your baby’s stud. Sliding in the mud. It’s a rip-off
Bleached on the beach. I want to tickle your peach. It’s a rip-off. Such a rip-off
See the girl dance. In her man-skin pants. It’s a rip-off
Terraplane Tommy. Wants to bang your gong. It’s a rip-off. Such a rip-off
Gypsy girl’s good. People treat her like a fool. It’s a rip-off
The President’s weird. He’s got a burgundy beard. It’s a rip-off. Such a rip-off
I’m the King of the highway.I’m the Queen of the hop. You should see me at the Governors ball doing the rip-off bop. I’m a social person. I’m the creature in disguise. There’s a man with a whip on his silver lip living inside my eyes. I’m the cat from the alley. I’m the fleetfoot vodoo man. There’s very little that’s ever said all of which I understand.
Caught like a skunk. In space and time. It’s a rip-off
If it’s her’s. Well it must be mine. It’s a rip-off. Such a rip-off

13th Floor Elevators – You’re Gonna Miss Me (video)

13th_Floor_Elevators-The_Psychedelic_Sounds_of_the_13th_Floor_Elevators_(album_cover)“You’re Gonna Miss Me” (from their 1st album “Psychedelic Sounds of…) was the Elevators’ most commercial hit. That’s why the group only appeared on TV performing this song. It’s a cool clip of the band with Tommy Hall playing the Jug. Which rock group ever had a jug player? Genius! Well, it wasn’t Tommy’s only job in the band. He was a pretty good song writer, as well.

Click here to see an independently made documentary about the Elevators with interviews and interesting facts.