Mars Bonfire – Ride With Me (1968)

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Ahh, how you gonna make it, baby? That’s the question to be asked Life goes on around you In so many different ways I know my share of history
How hard it is to be free
From wearing masks that turn to skin
Hiding what could have been

And I, I I’m so confused
Which way, which way to choose

Don’t buy dreams too easily
They’re never what they seem to be I want to sweep confusion clear
And never turn it back for me

Ride with me, baby
‘Til the end of the day

The astronaut who goes in space I, I’d like to take his place
His imagination’s free
From the force of gravity
Take photographs and tape recordings
Play them back and try to find
If there is life on other worlds
And do they have a message


If I climbed higher than the sun Looked into the universe
Back on Earth, I’d never speak
Just smile at everyone

Ride with me, baby
Til the end of the day

Popping pills just gets you busted
And the prophets were unwise
A beautiful thing has fallen through
With cancer, death and poverty
Mirror, mirror on the wall
Who’s the sanest of us all?
Is he with me or one of them
How does he dress, who are his friends?


Can I have my vision back?
I live outside the city walls
You don’t have to be afraid of me
Until I come together

Ride with me, baby
‘Til the end of the day

Mama’s home philosophy
Makes everyone a freak but me
She says that grandma’s hated you
And sends me all her love
I left home with sad goodbyes
Mama sits alone and cries
You can always count on us
Sorry, please come home


I write home I’m doin’ fine
But it’s just to ease her mind
‘Cause I’m starving in the street And can’t predict the future

Ride with me, baby
‘Til the end of the day

So many ways of living life
And each one has evangelists
Who say they’ve found the only way
And want it all to go astray
I ain’t got time to live ’em all
So which one am I gonna choose
You know that I don’t wanna lose
The promise of adventure


The funeral procession passes
Yes, I’m really twenty-one
People expect great things of me
The man of the year whose time has come

Ride with me, baby
‘Til the end of the day

A moment’s happiness in life
Is vaporized within the night
The lover that I had last week
Has kicked me out the door
I wrench in terror a plastic player
Of attitudes and old taboos
That keep me cold, outside of you
Trying to jump your fences

I’ll soon find out what you want with me
I hope you’ll be the last on Earth
Can’t build a future in my head
That can’t exist in time

Ride with me, baby
‘Til the end of the day
Ride with me, baby
‘Til the end of the day